A downloadable game for Windows

A guy who stay at home alone. Suddenly, an unknown spirit ghost who needs a blood sacrifice.

Instruction : run to the rain! because the spirit ghost can't be under the rain. choose the door that can open when triggered. some of the door cant be open at all.


Run To The Rain.zip 36 MB


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No start menu, just thrown into the game died a few times before realizing I was supposed to "run" there is no sprint function and the antagonist just slides towards you. There isn't any basic animation. the doorways appear to be blocked off until you are right up on some of them which seems to be an intentional design choice to make a labyrinth of sorts. Nice attempt for a first game. At least it was free still it only lasted 20 sec.

thanks for your play dude. haha nice video btw. you so funny. haha @TheFragnostic


Trespass upon Gollum's house at your peril.